• Beginning of the company history

    Anton Frühwald writes history: He founds a small but fine concrete factory in Badendorf (Styria).

  • Anton Frühwald

    asks his son Friedrich: “Bua, willst a Moastpress odar a Betonmaschin? Fritz, 16, quickly replies: “A Betonmaschin!” (=a concrete machine) This is how history takes its course.

  • The Tillmitsch location is expanded

    Production of prefabricated parts starts there. New times dawn under a new logo – also in development and modern marketing.

  • Launch of the surface paving

    paving stones and slabs business segment completes the product range now products for all aspects of house construction are offered. Friedrich Frühwald publishes a new motto: “Von Haus aus das Beste!”..

  • Market entry in Hungary

    Production begins in Békéscsaba with a focus on paving stones. The Hungarian headquarter with central administration is established.

  • Establishment of a 2nd plant

    in Újfehértó for paving stones and garden slabs, products for infrastructure are successfully manufactured in high quality.

  • 3rd plant in Sóskút near Budapest is expanded.

    The new location ensures better supply to the greater Budapest area, which strengthens the leading market position in Hungary.

  • Market entry in Croatia

    Dicmo near Split Shortly thereafter (2008), a plot of land in the Bucharest area (Romania) is also acquired.

  • Purchase of the Frühwald Group

    by Robert F. Holzer (CEO) and his business partner. Foundation of the Austrian sales company A new success story can begin!

  • Investment in new plants

    in Soskut (HU) and Dicmo (HR) for the new early forest premium products.

  • surface refinement

    Launch of new products based on innovative technologies Expansion of quality assurance.

  • Big anniversary – 90 years of Frühwald

    let us surprise you with our jubilee products

  • New targets

    Our target is to further optimize all processes and services.