About Frühwald


New benchmarks in the production of concrete accessories


What makes Frühwald one of the market leaders today are numerous factors that interpenetrate each other. In addition to strong regional roots, this certainly includes a lively company culture based on transparency and flexibility, but also on close cooperation In addition, the basis of our success is a team and, above all, locally active employees with above-average professional knowledge.

Be it a customer, a partner or an employee – a person is always at the center of our business activities. Only in this way could a small concrete plant, founded by Anton Frühwald many decades ago, turn into a successful company on an international level.

The Frühwald Group will continue to focus on healthy and sustainable growth. Investments bear fruit only if there is growth. With the most modern production technologies, modern design and the highest level of quality of our products and services, we ensure a leading role in the segment of panels and pavers. Today and for the future.


A group of companies operating in three countries: Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Successful and extremely motivated employees in all markets – that is the Frühwald Group today. It is an international company that combines cross-border networking, innovative product development and local value creation.

Frühwald produces pavers and panels for all possible areas of application. The cornerstone of a successful group of companies was laid almost ninety years ago with the construction of a small concrete plant Today, Frühwald panel and paving systems can be found in many European countries: in gardens, on terraces and driveways, streets and roads, squares and other central locations, but also in numerous kindergartens, schools and universities, i.e. everywhere where professional surface paving is needed.

Mag. Robert F. Holzer

Executive Partner/CEO, Frühwald Group

Anita Bralić
Managing director Frühwald d.o.o.