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In few steps to the top result! Here you can find out how to lay pavings and slabs in an unbound construction
method. That means: The stones are placed loosely on a bedding and carefully shaken in.
This is easy to master with a little manual skill! Slabs are laid hammer-proof and not

Schematic representation of a paved area in unbound construction (standard construction):

1. Iskop

Depending on the composition of the soil (if the soil is not compacted), it is necessary
to make an excavation 20-30 cm deep (in continental regions it should be a little more because the depth of freezing is as much as 80 cm). We recommend the excavation to be 20-30 cm wider than the paving surface.

2. Podloga s nosivim slojem

A supporting layer is placed on the base. The lower part of the supporting layer consists of gravel 0-63 mm, 15 to 20 cm thick, which is compacted with a roller or vibro panel. The upper supporting layer consists of gravel 0-22 mm, up to 15 cm thick. In this step, each part of the supporting layer is made with a small fall, which enables quality drainage. After this step, the curb is installed.

3. Posteljica

An even layer of 2-4 mm crushed aggregate, 4-5 cm thick, is applied to the upper supporting layer. This layer is only compacted together with the installed and grouted pavers. The slope must be done in an interval of 1.5 – 2.5% with a height of +/- 2 cm.

4. Opločnik / ploča

Be creative – and let us advise You: Different formats, colors and surfaces give individuality to Your decoration. . Filling the joints plays an important role. Joints fix the elements and contribute to the even distribution of the load. The curbs prevent the lateral protrusion of the laid elements.