Frühwald pavers will give the appearance of Your outdoor surface a special touch of refinement, neatness and harmony. They can be placed on outdoor surfaces such as a yard, road, sidewalk or terrace, and it all depends on the style of the building and Your wishes. You can choose from many different colors, dimensions and shapes (square, rectangular, hexagonal, specific shapes). In our rich offer You will find a large selection of pavers for various purposes. We offer pavers in natural tones that will make the exterior surface exclusive and elegant. We offer pavers in natural tones that will make the exterior surface exclusive and elegant. You can also choose special pavers of combined formats or universal pavers for every environment. In addition to being different in appearance, pavers can be adapted to different surfaces, so for example they can be intended and installed so that grass in Your garden can grow through them or so heavy vehicles can operate on them.


Frühwald concrete panels are an excellent choice if You want to pave outdoor surfaces. Concrete panels are suitable for pedestrian areas, and are most often used for covering terraces, balconies, but also paving paths, sidewalks and walkways. Decorate Your outdoor space and give it a dose of elegance, a refreshing and neat look and choose from various thicknesses, formats, colors and surface treatments of concrete panels to achieve the desired look of the paved surface. The panels in our offer are of high quality and will fit perfectly into the appearance of any surface.


Combine functionality and aesthetics by installing Frühwald ceramic composite panels. In our assortment, we offer high-quality GeoCeramica panels that are made as a combination of ceramic materials and a massive bearing layer of concrete that are permanently joined by mechanical forces. Using this new technology, it is possible to safely and quickly lay pavers in an unbound manner These panels are installed using the Slow-Paving process, which allows You many design variations. In addition, the panels are resistant to stains and acids, are easy to clean and have high anti-slip properties (even in the rain).


Frühwald wall elements from our offer will impress You with soft colors, modern concrete smooth surfaces and a wide range of applications. So, You can place and stack them in numerous ways in various combinations, and the great thing is that they are resistant to slipping, wearing, frost and salt. Also, have a look at the offer of excellent and practical blocks for slopes that will charm You with their practicality. The blocks are extremely light and ideal for self-building walls, and due to their special construction, they encourage the growth of plants and ensure optimal water supply They are resistant to frost and You can install them independently.


Frühwald garden borders are ideal for edging lawns and flower beds, but they can also be useful for realization of Your creative landscaping ideas. Therefore, they are suitable for universal use, even in road construction. Curbs will give Your surfaces a permanent structure, a functional, beautiful and modern look. Their concrete surfaces are smooth and You can choose from attractive colors (grey, red, anthracite, white, sand) and it will fit into any surface. Curbs are easy to lay, and the fact that they are resistant to frost is great.


Frühwald Infrastructure and drainage guarantees You high quality and durability. Our offer includes concrete ducts and road curbs for various applications. Concrete ducts are an optimal drainage system that You can use for road construction, parks and the like. Our road curbs are indispensable during road construction, and they are characterized by resistance, reliability and durability regardless of the conditions. They will perform their tasks in the long term because they are robust, flexible and resistant even to the harshest winter.